A Last Request as Chairman
by Steven Leeper, Former Chairman of this Foundation
Opening of Schmoe House
Event Commemorating International Day of Peace
Welcoming United Nations Disarmament Fellows
Visit to Museum by Seven Youth Educators from German Museums
Atomic Bomb Testimonial Talks
-Communicating the actual bombing damage to many-
30th Hiroshima Peace Calligraphy Exhibition
-Fervent wishes for peace expressed in writing-
Recording of Testimonies of Atomic Bomb Survivors from Outside Hiroshima
2012 Hiroshima Scholarship Award Ceremony and Reception
2012 Fall Japanese Language Supporter Training Course and Report Session
-Good partners for international students-
2012 Hiroshima City Naka Waste Incineration Plant Tour
-Taking an interest in everyday life-
International House Festival 2012 -With Energy! 2012-
Step into the world together!
Day of International Cooperation and Exchange 2012
People who convey the "Spirit of Hiroshima"
Communicating Tones of Peace
-Interview with Mr. Mitsunori Yagawa, piano tuner, Yagawa Piano Studio-
Memoir of the A-bombing;
Tragic 1st Year Junior High School Students
by Syunichiro Arai, Atomic Bomb Witness for This Foundation
Memoir of the A-bombing;
Surviving the Atomic Plains
by Mitsuo Kodama, Atomic Bomb Witness for This Foundation
"Thinking about Peace"
The Birth of the Green Legacy Hiroshima Initiative
by Tomoko Watanabe, Executive Director of ANT-Hiroshima
Hiroshima Peace Forum
Let's Say It in English - Hiroshima Seminar
Completion of the "Images of the A-Bomb Holocaust"
-Painting the atomic bomb experience-
Support for Writing Testimonies of Atomic Bomb Experiences
Summer Friendship Concert for International Students and Hiroshima Citizens
-Reaffirming mutual cooperation-
Meeting of Association of Japanese Museums for Peace
Document Survey and Research Association: Research Presentation Session
Presentation of Research Results on Nuclear Trends
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