NPDI Ministerial Meeting Hiroshima
New York Visit by Mayors for Peace Delegation
at same time as NPT Review Conference Preparatory Committee

Strengthening of Mayors for Peace Activities
Visits to America and Mexico
Enhancing Mayors for Peace Activities
Visit to Marshall Islands
On-Site Learning Support for Hiroshima-Nagasaki Peace Study Course
Sister and Friendship City Days Commemorative Events
Hiroshima Citizens Enjoy Foreign Cultures
-Daegu Day, Hanover Day-
69th Peace Memorial Ceremony
-Each one of us will help determine the future of the human family-
Memoir of the A-bombing:
1st and 2nd year students at Hiroshima Second Middle School
-A difference of life or death

by Sadao Yamamoto, Atomic Bomb Witness for This Foundation
Memorial for the Atomic Bomb Victims of Nagasaki
Memoir of the A-bombing:
Surviving Hiroshima as a Korean Resident in Japan
by Park Namjoo, Atomic Bomb Witness for This Foundation
Start of Renovations of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
The Inhumanity of Nuclear Weapons - From Medical Evidence
by Nanao Kamada, Director of the Hiroshima A-Bomb Survivors' Relief Foundation
Please Take Advantage of This Foundation's Scholarships
Provided for Privately Funded Foreign Students

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