A-Bomb Survivors recollect and try to express what happened August 6th, 1945 in Hiroshima.
Arranged by Hiroshima Appeal Committee. Supported by NHK Hiroshima.

The Big Mushroom Cloud that Shined Brilliant Silver in the Sun during Midsummer   The River flooded with Corpses, People Drenched in Blood Fleeing Kohei-Bashi Bridge
An Orange colored Sun   Using a Curtain in the Place of a Bandage
There was Nothing we Could Do   The Survivor being Transported by Truck
The Mother who Attempted to Break through the Wall to Save her Pinned-Down Daughter   Cremating the Dead on the Riverbed
The Fire Began Burning.
It is Impossible to Save the People Stuck Inside the Houses
  The Dead Bodies Piled up in the Cistern The Black Burnt Corpse of a Woman Clinging to Her Baby
The Narrow Escape from the Hakushima Train right as the A-Bomb was Dropped   The Pitch Black Corpse of a Woman Who Had Been Holding Her Baby Under Her Chest
The Tragedy on the Bridge   The Crisp Black Corpse of a Four or Five Year Old Infant
The Drifting Bodies   The Red Corpses Swelling Out of the Fire Prevention Cistern, and the Surrounding Black Corpses Stuffed Together
People Searching for help in the Rivers; Those who were Seeking Water   The Countless Number of Piled Corpses and the Bodies that Flow Down the River
Yamane-cho Naikai Village Was Blown Away "Right After it Went Pitch Black"   The Funeral of the Students who Suffered the A-Bomb
Within the Sea of Fire   Praying for the Safety of the Second Son, after Cremating the Eldest Sister
A Critically Injured Man who Demanded Water from Me   The Survivors Taking Refuge in the Camps
Without Anyone to Save her   With their Entire Body Suffering from Burns, the Hundreds of People who got Mercurochrome Treatment
A Woman whose Skin Dangles   The Survivors who Lined Up in Front of the Elementary School Auditorium to have White Oil and Ointment Applied to their skins
The People who took refuge at Shukkeien Garden and Black Rain   The Two Children who Blow Wind on the Critically Injured Mother at the Honkawa Elementary School