Here Comes the Future
Steven Leeper, Chairman of this Foundation
Mayors for Peace Membership Exceeds Its Target of 5,000
International Symposium for Peace
"The Road to Abolition ― What Civil Society Needs to Do Now"

Hiroshima Peace Forum
Conveying the "Spirit of Hiroshima"
to Junior Diplomats in the Field of Arms Reduction

The 66th Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony
Sharing the experiences of hibakusha and thoughts of peace
The 9th Meeting to Commemorate the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Victims
Renewing our commitment to future generations and the abolition of nuclear weapons
Completion of the "Images of the A-bomb Holocaust":
Experiences of the Atomic Bomb Victims

Let's Convey Our Message in English
Hiroshima Seminar
Meeting via the Web Conference System
Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers' Atomic Bomb Exhibition:
Hiroshima Expressed Through Puppetry

Miho Uematsu,
Coordinator for International Cooperation, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

Hiroshima Scholarship Award Ceremony
Peace Forum for Foreign Students: Toward A Lasting Peace
Please Take Advantage of This Foundation's Scholarships
Provided for Privately Funded Foreign Students

Hiroshima As I Saw It
Keiko Ogura, Representative, the Hiroshima Interpreters for Peace (HIP)
Toward A Peaceful World Without Nuclear Weapons
Katsuko Kataoka, Professor Emeritus at Hiroshima University /
Secretary General, Japanese Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (JPPNW)

People who convay the "Spirit of Hiroshima";
Hiroshima Okonomiyaki: taking the fuel for post-war recovery to Tohoku
An interview with Hiroaki Kawakami (President, K2S K.K.),
Director of the Okonomiyaki Division of the Hiroshima Inshoku Seiei, Hiroshima City Chapter

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