Hiroshima Mayor's Visit to Norway to Attend the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony
Loaning of Atomic Bomb Artifacts to the Nobel Peace Center
Executive Director of ICAN's Visit to Hiroshima
First-ever Hiroshima Training for United Nations Tour Guides
-Communicating the spirit of Hiroshima to the world-
2017 Peace Memorial Hall Special Exhibition
"The Twinkling Stars Know Everything: Collection of Memories by Fathers and
Mothers of the Annihilated First-Year Hiroshima Itchu Students"

Period: January 1 (Mon.)-December 29 (Sat.), 2018
Place: Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims B1F

9th General Conference of Mayors for Peace
Secretary General Komizo's Visit to Russia and Switzerland to strengthen
cooperation between Mayors for Peace member cities

Mayors for Peace Staff Member's Attendance at the Obama Foundation Summit
14th Peace and Friendship Delegation to China by Hiroshima Citizens
2017 International Festival
Memoir of the A-Bombing
"Exposed to the bombing upon entering Hiroshima City, walking through the
A-bomb hell"

by Yoshio Asano
Atomic Bomb Witness for this Foundation

Memoir of the A-Bombing
"Mission of an atomic bomb witness"
by Kunihiko Iida
Atomic Bomb Witness for this Foundation

Hiroshima-Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Exhibition in Hungary and Montenegro
Completion of A-Bomb Paintings
-High school students depict A-bomb experiences in paintings-
Renewal of Peace Memorial Museum Collection Exhibition at former Bank of
Japan, Hiroshima Branch

Provisional release of A-bomb testimonies "Thoughts About the Atomic
Bombing", submitted in line with the 2015 Survey of Atomic Bomb Victims

Sister and Friendship City Commemorative Events
Citizens enjoy foreign culture
~Chongqing Day, Honolulu Day~
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