Sadako and the Atomic Bombing

1 Sadako is born.

Sadako Sasaki was born
during the Pacific War (World War II).

The Sasakis of the Sasaki Barbershop have a baby.

Barely into the new year of 1943, the Sasakis of the Sasaki Barbershop had a baby girl in the middle of the night on January 7. One of the Sasaki Barbershop's customers was an expert on telling fortunes based on names. Wanting their little girl to grow up healthy and strong, the Sasakis asked the naming expert to pick a name for their child. He picked "Sadako."

Sadako's family Father Shigeo (right, standing) Mother Fujiko (holding Sadako on her lap) Grandmother Matsu (Shigeo's mother, next to Fujiko) Older brother Masahiro (two years old, 3rd right in the front)
around October 1943
Courtesy of Shigeo and Masahiro Sasaki