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Home Visit

■More about This Program

If you are a foreign visitor to Japan, and you would like a taste of everyday Japanese life in a Japanese home, please sign-up for a Home Visit. The Home Visit program was created to allow foreign visitors the chance to experience Japanese life, and for Japanese citizens to have the opportunity to get involved in grassroots international exchange and understanding. The Home Visit will take 2-3 hours.


  • Meals are generally not included.
  • Overnight stays are not offered. 

■How to Sign-up for a Home Visit

Please make a reservation at least one day before you wish to participate in the Home Visit program. Bring your personal identification (e.g. passport) with you when you sign-up at the International Exchange Lounge, located in Peace Memorial Park. You must sign-up in person. Applications via e-mail, phone and mail are not accepted. After your request has been taken, we try to find a host family that best meets your requests..