The 2020 Vision Campaign Update

Steven Leeper, 
Chairman of this Foundation

2010 World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates
Conveying the "Spirit of Hiroshima" to Junior Diplomats from Around the World
Visiting the Argentine Republic
Hiroshima-Nagasaki Peace Study Course at DePaul University
-3rd Study Tour-

25th Children's Peace Drawings Competition: Many Wonderful Entries Submitted
"Sister and Friendship City Days"
Commemorative Events for Citizens to Deepen Experience Other Cultures
You Act. The World Changes:
Day of International Cooperation and Exchange 2010
Hiroshima City International House Festival 2010:
Broadening International Exchange, Expressing Our Gratitude with "Arigato"
Japanese Language Consultant Course
Public Exhibition of A-Bomb Memoirs Translated into Different Languages
Memoir of the A-bombing:
Sharp Flash: The Unforgettable Day
Setsuko Morita,
Atomic Bomb Witness for this Foundation

Thinking about Peace:
Hiroshima and Peace
Peter Goldsbury,
Professor Emeritus at Hiroshima University

Practical Job-search Lectures for International Students
Please Take Advantage of This Foundation's Scholarships
Provided for Privately Funded Foreign Students

Call for A-bomb Materials, Names and Portraits of A-bomb Victims and Memoirs:
Please Help Us Convey the A-bomb Experience
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